This isn't going to be a very long post. This is mostly me just saying on a very public stage that I know some pretty wonderful people. 

Here is a random cross section of people who got in touch today with kind words when they heard the book finally dropped: 

* Someone I've known since first grade

* A manager I never even directly reported to at my first job in video games in 2003

* A person I only know from inside a game I play.

*  People I knew in high school but not very well

* Lifelong friends who have shared pretty much every single life milestone with me since we were kids.

* Relatives I've tragically become much closer with since some loss in our family. 


What you all have in common is that you all shared the news and were the very first to buy the book. I hope it and the ones that follow (yes there will be more, and not all of them are for kids TRUST ME)  entertain the living daylights out of you.

Cheers. What a very, very good day.