Jesse Ryan Vigil
writer, game designer, maker of small wonders
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Elevator Pitch

Official Selection IndieCade 2016

Elevator Pitch is a party game about thinking fast and talking persuasively. Two at a time, players take turns stepping inside an "elevator" with a rotating third player who acts as The Decider. The Decider draws from a themed deck (movies, games, startups, more TBD) and asks each player for their best short pitch for a given title, gimmick, or buzzword written on the card. They can each talk until the Decider gets bored and cuts them off, but if they want more time, they have to yell "BUT WAIT" and draw from a special deck. 

Here's the catch: Players must incorporate whatever's written on the card into their existing pitch, even if it's ridiculous. Hilarious justifications and inspired one-upmanship continue until the Decider's had enough. A winner is chosen, a point is scored, and the winner becomes the new Decider.

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