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New Website, New Everything

So there's a lot suddenly going on, and it meant getting a whole new web presence. Pardon me while it's under construction. Welcome, I'm glad you're here, I hope it's at least mildly entertaining. Probably most people are arriving here because of something that happened over the summer - Pitch Wars.

I'll probably blog about it more later, but the short version is that Pitch Wars has utterly changed my life as a writer. I did a new thing, went into a new genre, and wasn't at all sure I belonged there or had any business continuing to push into a career as a novelist. I feel honored to have been selected as a Class of '17 Mentee and am spending every waking moment trying to justify the faith of my mentor in what I'm doing. So I'm going to keep this short for now and get back to work. What I am going to do is acknowledge that I didn't get here on my own by a long shot and promote my new friends.

You should absolutely follow my new wonderful friend Tricia Lynne who coached me through the early rounds and kicked my ass until my first chapter and query were in much better shape. Tricia's fantastic and her debut romance novel is on my wishlist. 

You should also follow Cindy Dorminy whose novels are here and whose latest is waiting patiently on my Kindle for me to enjoy when Pitch Wars ends. Cindy was ever so gracious to critique my WIP and was a supportive and invested friend during the excruciating 3 weeks leading up to my selection - and remains a kind and wonderful cheerleader I'm glad to have befriended. Buy her books. She did the unthinkable thing - she read a stranger's words and gave detailed feedback, which is next to saintlike among working writers.

Also, hey, if you're a friend of mine and want to help me out, support my amazing mentor Laura Heffernan who has been a dream of a mentor and will be a good friend for a long time. Laura's already read my broken book at least twice, and is celebrating the release of a new book that's about something near and dear to our family's heart: reality TV.

Also please buy Laura's books. She's put up with a lot from me already and deserves something for her selfless act. 

My first three chapters are suddenly in pieces, so the rest will have to wait. But hey. Lots of interesting stuff is about to happen here. I can't wait to talk about more of it. 

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